Upcoming EU calls (Energy)

Jan 16, 2012

IEE Programme

The objective of the Intelligent Energy - Europe II Programme (IEE II) is to contribute to secure, sustainable and competitively priced energy for Europe, by providing for action: to foster energy efficiency and the rational use of energy resources; to promote new and renewable energy sources and to support energy diversification; to promote energy efficiency and the use of new and renewable energy sources in transport.

Deadline: 08/05/2012

Call for proposals

TEN Energy 2012

The 2012 annual work programme for grants in the field of trans-European networks (TEN) - area of energy infrastructures (TEN-E) - will encourage the effective operation and development of the internal market, reinforce the security of supplies and the diversification of energy suppliers and routes, facilitate the development and reducing the isolation of less-favoured regions, contribute to sustainable development and protection of the environment, inter alia by involving renewable energies.

Deadline: 29/02/2012

Call for proposals

Clean Sky JTI 2012-01

The Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative) was born in 2008 and represents a unique Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and the industry. Clean Sky is the most ambitious aeronautical research programme ever launched in Europe. Its mission is to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of airplanes and air transport, resulting in less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft, hence bringing a key contribution in achieving the Single European Sky environmental objectives.

Deadline: 11/04/2012 & 12/07/2012

Call for proposals

EURATOM Programme

Extended the EURATOM framework programme for the period 2012 and 2013 in order to be aligned with the EU financial cycle. The maximum contribution for the EURATOM programme will be 2,5M euros, including the additional funding for the ITER project. The specific programme shall support activities for research and training on nuclear energy, covering the whole range of indirect research actions carried out in the following thematic areas: (a) fusion energy research (including the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER); (b) research on nuclear fission, safety and radiation protection.

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MARTEC II opened a transnational call for collaborative research projects in different areas of maritime technologies. This call is initiated by funding organisations from twelve different European partner countries of the ERA-NET MARTEC consortium. MARTEC Call Priority Areas related to energy: "offshore structures for renewable energy" & "environmental and climate impact"

Deadline: 30.04.2012

Call for proposals

European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument / Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean

The "ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2007/2013" is a multilateral cross‐border cooperation programme co‐financed by the European Union under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). The Programme provides the framework for the implementation of cross‐border cooperation activities in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy, complementing efforts exerted within the framework of the Euro‐Mediterranean Partnership, with the final aim of developing an area of peace, stability, prosperity and good neighbourliness involving EU Mediterranean Countries (EUMC) and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC). The total EU contribution available for this call for standard projects is € 56.507.136, distributed amongst the 4 Programme Priorities. The contribution for the Priority 2. Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level / 2.2 Promotion of renewable energies use and improvement of energy efficiency contributing to addressing, among other challenges, climate change, will be indicatively € 8.053.979.

Deadline for sending Concept Note: 29th February 2012

Call for proposals