The first spanish solar plane developed by students

Jun 09, 2011

A team of 7 industrial & aeronautics engineering students is developing a solar plane prototype, the "Solar Endeavour. This project, sponsored by GTD, is being built with technology created by the students themselves.

Transform a commercial aircraft to scale into the "Solar Endeavour" prototype, an airplane powered exclusively by solar energy. This is the challenge for the seven students of the Trencalòs Team from the School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering (ETSEIAT - UPCBarcelonaTech). The final objective of the project is to maintain the cruise flight of the aircraft for as long as possible.

In February 2010, this group of students bought a commercial aircraft to scale and began to introduce technical modifications in order to tranform it into a solar airplane, to be powered exclusively by the energy of the sun; those are comlex modifications that combine the interaction of the aerodynamics, the electronics and the electricity generated by the PV energy.

To go ahead and achieve this dream, the students are provided with the help of different companies: GTD Sistemas de Información S.A., KOFORD Engineering LLT., Heliene S.L. o CAT UAV.

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