The Catalan Network of Campus of International Excellence is underway

Feb 01, 2012

On 26th January the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC.BarcelonaTech (UPC) held the first meeting of the Catalan Network of Campus of International Excellence (CEI), which was attended by most of the Catalan public universities that currently lead or are part of a CEI project recognized by the Ministerio de Educación.

Political responsible, technical staff and project managers took part in the meeting in order to share difficulties arising from the program, develop areas for reflection and discuss possible actions to take.

The session, opened by Antoni Giró, president of the UPC, represents the starting point to set up a Catalan network of CEI projects. The initiative has the go-ahead from the ACUP and the Government of Catalonia, and aspires to become a lobby to influence areas that are of its interest, at both national and state level. In late February it is expected a second working session to discuss technical issues such as funding received and upcoming calls.