Gaia building saves 6,000€ per year

Since 2014, Gaia building (Campus Terrassa) is being used by the SEER group as a testing site for a photovoltaic energy system. According to data from SIRENA, the new system reduced energy consumption over the year by 18.8% relative to 2013. In financial terms, this represents a saving of 325-350 euros per month (based on figures for April in each year).

The photovoltaic system provides close to 10% of the Gaia building's energy demand, and the surplus is used to save on the energy costs of the TR11, TR12 and TR13 buildings, which are connected to the same transformer. This is the first fully operational installation of its type to be used at the UPC and has made a significant contribution not only to enhancing the image of the Energy Campus but also to complying with the new energy efficiency criteria and laying the foundations for new initiatives.