Technology dissemination lecture series

Dec 05, 2011

Want to know the latest developments in environment, new energies & sustainability, and many other issues related to the university research? Request for a lecture given by technical staff from our schools and faculty. The sessions are addressed to students of 4th ESO, 1st & 2nd course of High School and Vocational Training.

The teacher in charge of giving the lecture will attend the school that requests it. The date and time are set according to the needs of the centre and the availability of speakers. To apply for the conference please contact the Communication and Promotion Service by email: You must specify the course taking the session, the number of students, the title of the conference requested and the best date and time for the conference.

See the conference catalogue on environment, new energies & sustainability for 2011/2012 academic year (in Catalan):

- The materials of the future
- Bioindicators of the nature
- Challenges of the future: water, waste and energy
- Tomorrow's car and fuel
- Micro and mini wind power energy