Reduce the energy bill

Jun 30, 2011

The UPC Governing Council adopted on 22nd June a series of immediate measures to save energy and thus intervene in a performance that has a high environmental impact and can be indeed improved.

In this regard, a series of measures concerning the AC, the responsibility of individuals and the energy saving criteria to be applied in concession areas have been already put in place, as well as, mesures related to a more realistic understanding of the energy impact of the activities carried out.

The plan also affects the energy impact of the research equipment of the university and, therefore, it will have also to be justified in energy terms. In connection with these mesures, it is worth to mention the launch of the website SIRENA, a virtual environment that allows real time access to information on the consumption of energy and water resources.

In addition, between the 1st and the 21st August 2011 the university will remain closed in order to reduce operating costs of its premises during periods of low activity; and between June and December the group of pilot buildings to be included in the energy saving plan will be selected.

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