Project to improve energy efficiency in historic buildings

Jan 20, 2012

A team from the School of Architecture of Barcelona will receive a 60.000€ grant from RecerCaixa to develop this project, which includes the study of several listed buildings and will result in a best practices guide for the restoration of buildings of architectural heritage.

The project entitled 'Improving the energy efficiency of cultural heritage property: research on actual cases' aims at assessing the energy performance of buildings in order to optimize energy efficiency. The analysis takes into account elements of architectural heritage value and thus, promote the use of such buildings by adapting them to the highest standards leading to minimize CO2 emissions arising from the conservation, management and maintenance. To do so it is necessary a deep knowledge of their thermal behavior, how to deal with the humidity, as well as of their building systems based on lifestyles and heating & cooling systems, completely different from today.

In addition, the project will include the characterization (identification) and the monitoring of several listed buildings from which the energy performance will be able to be avaluated. The conclusions will result in a guide of best practices that will collect the necessary protocols for energy efficiency intervention in historic buildings, as well as the management and future maintenance of previous works.

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