New university accommodation building in Terrassa

Apr 06, 2011

The building that will house the new university housing will be named Hypatia. With this new equipment, the Terrassa campus will have in total 297 accommodation places.

This 6-storey building with an area of 4396.30m2, consists of 90 apartments for 100 people, plus common services such as laundry, fitness centre, TV and games room, study room, and underground parking for 23 cars and 5 motorcycles.

There will be different types of accommodation in Hypatia ranging from 26 to 35m2, with specially adapted spaces for disabled people. In the construction of the building, it will be used an industrialized system of semi fabricated structures, bathrooms made of modules, and a patented facade system
, applying cutting-edge engineering in all facilities to facilitate maintenance and reduce energy consumption.