MicroBank will fund venture projects of UPC students and graduates

Jun 27, 2011

The agreement between MicroBank and UPC BarcelonaTech will finance students and graduates about to set up a firm and thus promoting self-employment.

One of the objectives of UPC BarcelonaTech is to promote the creation of TBF, the entrepeneurship spirit and the culture of innovation among students and researchers. The university is known as a entrepreneurial university model through its Programa Innova, born in 1998 from the firm commitment to make the university community aware of how important is innovation and entrepreneurship for people, institutions and companies.

MicroBank offers microcredits, up to 25,000 euros, adressed to self-employed, small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as personal microcredits, meant to meet family needs to overcome temporary difficulties and to balance personal and family development. The MicroBank criteria for granting micro-loans  agrees mainly with the trust of the person requesting the loan and the viability of the project, being people with lack of security guarantees able to acces them.

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