Innovative system to manufacture ecologic carpets

Jul 08, 2011

The work has been performed for the three Dutch companies that own the four patents that underlie this new biological technology.

A research team from the Industrial and Molecular Biotechnology Group at UPC BarcelonaTech, has developed a biological technology based on enzymes that will allow the companies to manufacture carpets much lighter, sustainable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. The system, which saves a lot of energy, completely close the life cycle of wool and significantly lowers the final cost of the product.

This enzyme treatment is carried out for 30 minutes in two phases. The first one, undergoes the carpet at a temperature of 45ºC for 15 minutes. In the second, at a temperature of 95°C for 15 minutes. This means energy savings of 50% compared to conventional manufacturing, which should generate temperatures of 100°C to treat the latex.

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