European students to build a green car

Mar 30, 2011

The School of Engineers of Terrassa will host for two weeks the activities framed in the european project ‘Powering the Future with Cero Emission and Human Powered Vehicles’.

A group made of 47 students from Spain, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and UK have been granted with a EU fellowship, within the Erasmus Programme. They will participate in a singular project aimed at designing a eco car prototype run by clean energy and cero CO2 emissions, capable to circulate at 50km/h with the energy obtained from a battery feed by the human movement when pedalling. The 4 Spanish students come from the UPC Barcelona Tech.

The project, leaded by a group of teaching experts from the 10 university partners, is to be performed for 6 weeks during 3 years. The training consists of 3 two-week modules to be attended at 3 different universities among the 10 university members of the project. The first module is to be held at the School of Engineers of Campus Energia in Terrassa between 21st March and 1st April. The objective to be reached in the first two years of the project Powering the Future with Zero Emission and Human Powered Vehicles is design the car prototype.

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