EU project to build the most powerful supercomputer in the world

Nov 29, 2011

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), research center linked to UPC.BarcelonaTech, represents Spain in the coordination of the Mont-Blanc Project, aimed at building the supercomputer with the highest performance and the lowest energy consumption in the world. The energy eficiency of the new machine is the priority of the research.

The main objective of Mont-Blanc, the three years project funded by the EU, is to design a supercomputer based on low consumption technology currently used in tablets and mobile telephony. With this technology, researchers aim to design a computer with identical features, but with an energy consumption between 4 and 10 times lower.

In this project, funded with EUR 8.11 million, take part European companies leaders in the technology sector, such as Bull, ARM and Gnodal, and the most important supercomputing centers in Europe: Jülich and LRZ (Germany), CNRS and GENCI (France), CINECA (Italy) and BSC - CNS (Spain).

BSC's Mare Nostrum is one of the Green500's Top 10 most energy-efficient supercomputer in the world as of November 2011.

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