Energy Summer Camp 2012

Jun 29, 2012

In July, UPC BarceloneTech will became a scientific camp aimed at secondary and high school students.

More than a hundred high school and ESO students from all over Spain will attend the 3rd edition of the Energy Campus summer camp to be held in July. The main objective of Scientific Camps, funded by the FECyT, the MECD and La Caixa, is to encourage science, technology and innovation interest among students.

The camp programme includes worshops on electric vehicles, robotics, mathematics and Renewable Energy. In addition, students will visit outstanding scientific facilities such as the MareNostrum supercomputer (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), the Computing Museum (Faculty of Computing & Informatics) and CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona. 

This event is organised by UPC-ICE within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence programme.

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