Eco boat propelled by electric energy

The boat (catamarán) runs propelled by electric energy. The electric generation is a combination of energy generated by solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen battery and diesel-electric thermal generators

A group from the School of Industrial Engineers (ETSEIB) and the Faculty of Nautical (FNB) from the UPC Campus Energia has participated in the development of the eco boat built by Astilleros Dalmau in Arenys de Mar port (Barcelona). Propelled by electric energy, the boat named Eco Slim holds 150 people and it is the first craft to maritime navigation in Spain and the largest in Europe with this characteristics.

In Europe, there are similar crafts propelled by electric energy but they are only meant for fluvial navigation and they do not have the same capacity. The Eco Slim is lighter than the traditional boats, which allows using engines of less power to obtain the same performance. It reduces the cost and the environmental impact.   

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