(e)co, a ‘low cost’ green house

Feb 07, 2012

(e)co is one of the 21 projects, there are 4 projects from Spain, competing in Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 and the only one from Catalonia. The new model of sustainable and low cost home, is based on more efficiency, more performance and more comfort, and uses less resources, less energy and less money. A design of future, cheap and sustainable for everyone.

A team of students from the ETSAV School of Architecture will compete in the 2012 edition of Solar Decathlon Europe with the (e)co project, a model of low cost solar house based on the principles of zero footprint and zero economic footprint. The house that will run exclusively on solar energy, represents a new way of homelife.

The (e)co solar house, which is the most economic project of the event, will be built outside the ETSAV and the works will begin in late February. (e)co is one of the four Spanish projects, and the only one from Catalonia, that will compete with other international teams from 14 to 30 September in Madrid.

The basic principle of the project, (e)co: equilibrium-through cooperation, is to understand architecture as a set of processes to be found in balance with nature (a cooperation between the users, systems and resources).

Presentation video for (e)co:

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