2nd Call of the PERSEO Awards

Apr 05, 2011

IBERDROLA has announced the 2nd Call of the PERSEO Awards, an initiative designed to promote projects or companies in their initial stage of development, based on an innovative technological application in the clean energies sector.

IBERDROLA seeks to promote research in the clean energies field by supporting projects that involve a substantial advance from the economic, environmental and/or social point of view. PERSEO offers the award winners the support of the IBERDROLA Group as a business partner in their project, consisting of up to €4 million financing, through PERSEO's shareholding in the company's share capital.

Any individual of age or legal entity, both Spanish or foreign, can participate. The applications can be submitted from 24 March to 15 June 2011. The final list of selected projects will be announced in September. PERSEO Awards is focused on 2 fields:
  • Innovative biomass technologies
  • New products for energy efficiency

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