‘Boat Kers’ wins the UPC-Barcelona World Race award

Apr 13, 2011

The project "Study on recycling of marine origin fiberglass and surface treatments for use in concrete" was awarded a special mention by the jury. This is a reclamation project to provide kinetic energy to crafts from a clean and alternative energy source.

Improving the energy efficiency of boats by using the movements generated by waves and wind as an energy source complementary to the internal combustion engine. This is the goal of Boat KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System Boat), the World Race award winning project in Innovation, Navigation and Environment. The system, developed by Carlos Conde and Francisco Ripoll, fifth-year students of Industrial Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona, and Luis Barguna, enrolled in the Masters in Computer Architecture in Barcelona School of Informatics, recovers the energy from the ship's movement caused by waves and wind with a device similar to automatic watches.

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